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London imprints from the same year as the Shakespeare folios

The first four folio editions of Shakespeare’s plays were issued in London in 1623, 1632, 1664 and 1685 respectively. The bibliography below help to place the folios in their publishing context by listing other books held in Senate House Library printed or sold in London in each of these years.


Aelfric, A Saxon Treatise Concerning the Old and New Testament, ed. by William Lisle (London: H. Seile, 1623)

The Second Tome of Homilies, of Such Matters as Were Promised, and Entituled in the Former Part of Homilies … to Be Read in Euery Parish Church Agreeablie (London: J. Bill, 1623)

Something Written by Occasion of That Fatall and Memorableaccident in the Blacke Friers on Sonday,: Being the 26. of October 1623. Stilo Antiquo, and the 5. of November Stilo Novo, or Romano (London: s.n., 1623)

Bünting, Heinrich, Itinerarium Totius Sacrae Scripturae. or, the Trauels of the Holy Patriarchs, Prophets, Iudges, Kings, Our Sauiour Christ, and His Apostles, as They Are Related in the Old and New Testaments: VVith a Description of the Townes and Places to Which They Trauelled, and How Many English Miles They Stood from Ierusalem. Also a Short Treatise of the Weights, Monies, and Measures Mentioned in the Scriptures, Reduced to Our English Valuations, Quantitie, and Weight, trans. by R.B. (London: A. Islip, 1623)

Butler, Charles, The Feminine Monarchie, or, The Historie of Bees … (London: R. Iackson, 1623)

Cranmer, Thomas, et al., Certaine Sermons or Homilies Appointed to Be Read in Churches, in the Time of the Late Queene Elizabeth of Famous Memory … (London: J. Bill, 1623)

Crashaw, William, The Fatall Vesper, or A True and Punctuall Relation of That Lamentable and Fearefull Accident: Hapning on Sunday in the Afternoone Being the 26. of October Last … (London: R. Whitaker, 1623)

 Daniel, Samuel, The Whole Workes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in Poetrie (London: S. Waterson, 1623)

England and Wales, By the King. A Proclamation for Preuention of Abuses Touching Gunpowder and Saltpeeter (London: B. Norton and J. Bill, 1622)

——— , By the King. A Proclamation for Restraint of Killing, Dressing, and Eating of Flesh in Lent, or on Fish Dayes, Appointed by the Law to be Heereafter Strictly Obserued by all Sorts of People (London: B. Norton and J. Bill, 1622)

——— , The Copie of His Maiesties Commission Touching the Fees of the Officers and Ministers Belonging to the Courts of Iustice, Aswell Ecclesiasticall as Temporall ... Together with an Order Made ... Touching the Execution of that Commission (London: B. Norton and J. Bill, 1623)

England and Wales, The Copie of His Maiesties Commission Touching the Fees of the Officers and Ministers Belonging to the Courts of Iustice: As Well Ecclesiasticall as Temporall ... (London: B. Norton and J. Bill, 1623)

Favyn, André, The Theater of Honour and Knight-Hood, or, A Compendious Chronicle and Historie of the Whole Christian World (London: W. Jaggard, 1623)

Hexham, Henry, A Tongue-Combat, Lately Happening Betvveene Tvvo English Souldiers in the Tilt-Boat of Gravesend, the One Going to Serve the King of Spaine, the Other to Serve the States Generall of the United Provinces (London: s.n., 1623)

Jobson, Richard, The Golden Trade, or, A Discouery of the Riuer Gambra and the Golden Trade of the Aethiopians (London: N. Okes, 1623)

Johnson, John, Iohnsons Arithmatick: In 2. Bookes (London: by A. Mathewes, 1623)

Leius, Matthias, Matthiæ Lej Germani Reginæ Pecuniæ Liber I.: Bonitatis Laus, & Commendatio Non À Quantitatis Dimensione; Sed À Qualitatis Intensione Proficiscitur (London: Eliot’s Court Press, 1623)

Lyly, John, Euphues the Anatomy of Wit, Corrected and augmented (London: J. Parker, 1623)

Malynes, Gerard, The Center of the Circle of Commerce, or, A Refutation of a Treatise, Intituled The Circle of Commerce (London: W. Jones, 1623)

Misselden, Edward, The Circle of Commerce, or, The Ballance of Trade, in Defense of Free Trade (London: J. Dawson, 1623)

Sclater, William, The Quæstion of Tythes Revised: Arguments for the Moralitie of Tything Enlarged and Cleared (London: J. Legatt, 1623)

Scott, Thomas, An Experimentall Discoverie of Spanish Practices, or, The Counsell of a Well-Wishing Souldier for the Good of His Prince and State ([London? s.n.], 1623)

Sidney, Philip, The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, 6th edn (London: M. Lownes, 1623)

Spain, ed., A Proclamation for Reformation Published and Commanded to Be Observed as a Law (London: N. Butter, N. Bourne, and T. Archer, 1623)

Speed, John, The History of Great Britaine under the Conquests of Ye Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans (London: J. Beale, 1623)

Speed, John, The Genealogies Recorded in the Sacred Scriptures ([London: J. Beale, 1622 or 1623?)

Speed, Robert, The Counter-Scuffle.: Whereunto Is Added The Counter-Rat (London: W. Butler, 1623)

 Speidell, John, New Logarithmes, 5th edn (London: J. Speidell, 1623)

Webster, John, The Deuils Law-Case, or, When Women Goe to Law, the Deuillis Full of Businesse: A New Tragecomaedy (London: J. Grismand, 1623)

Willis, John, The Art of Stenographie or Short Writing by Spelling Characterie, 8th edn (London: H. Seile, 1623)

Wither, George, The Hymnes and Songs of the Church (London: G. Wither, 1623)

Xenophon, Justus Lipsius, The Historie of Xenophon, trans. by John Bingham (London: R. Mabb, 1623)


A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen, or, The Art of Preseruing, Conseruing, and Candying (London: J. Haviland, 1632)

Bacon, Francis, The Essayes, or, Counsels, Civill and Morall, of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, newly enlarged (London: J. Haviland, 1632)

Ball, John, A Treatise of Faith, 2nd edn (London: E. Brewster, 1632)

Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Eromena, or, Love and Revenge (London: R. Allot, 1632)

Bolton, Robert, Edward Bagshaw, and George Miller, Mr. Boltons Last and Learned Worke of the Foure Last Things: Death, Iudgement, Hell, and Heaven (London: G. Miller, 1632)

Cornwallis, William, Essayes, newlie corrected (London: J. Marriott, 1632)

Cotgrave, Randle, Claudius Hollyband, Robert Sherwood, and Rachell Gelsthorpe, A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues (London: A. Islip, 1632)

England and WalesBy the King. A Proclamation for the Well Ordering of the Silke Trade, throughout England, &c (London: R. Barker and the assigns of J. Bill, 1632)

Foxe, John, Acts and Monuments of Matters Most Speciall and Memorable,happening in the Church, 7th edn (London: A. Islip, F. Kingston, and R. Young, 1632)

Heywood, Thomas, Englands Elisabeth (Cambridge: P. Waterhouse, 1632)

Heywood, Thomas, The Foure Prentises of London, with the Conquest of Ierusalem (London: N. Okes, 1632)

———, The Iron Age (London: N. Okes, 1632)

Hollyband, Claudius, The French Schoole Maister (London: T. Knight, 1632)

Hooker, Richard, Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie,: Eight Bookes (London: W. Stansbye, 1632)

I. D, A Publication of Guiana’s Plantation (London: T. Paine, 1632)

Jorden, Edward, A Discourse of Naturall Bathes, and Minerall Vvaters, 2nd edn (London: T. Harper, 1632)

Josephus, Flavius, The Famous and Memorable Workes of Iosephus, a Man of Much Honour and Learning among the Ievves, trans. by Thomas Lodge (London: S. Waterson, 1632)

Lyly, John, Sixe Court Comedies: Often Presented and Acted before Queene Elizabeth, by the Children of Her Maiesties Chappell, and the Children of Paules (London: E. Blount, 1632)

Mason, John, An Excellent Tragedy of Mulleasses the Turke, and Borgias Governour of Florence (London: F. Falkner, 1632)

Massinger, Philip, The Fatall Dovvry: A Tragedy (London: F. Constable, 1632)

Montaigne, Michel de, The Essayes or, Morall, Politike, and Militarie Discourses of Lord Michael de Montaigne, 3rd edn, trans. by John Florio (London: R. Royston, 1632)

Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie, ed., An Authentick Copy of the Confessions and Sentences against M. Towerson and Complices: Concerning the Bloudy Conspiracy Enterprised against the Castle of Amboyna, the Which ... Was Discovered the 23. Day of February in the Yeare 1623: As Also the Resolutions of the Governour Van Speult, and of the Councell Taken in This Businesse (London: East India Company, 1632)

Oughtred, William, The Circles of Proportion and the Horizontall Instrument: Both Invented, and the Vses of Both (London: E. Allen, 1632)

Powel, John, The Assize of Bread: Together with Sundry Good and Needfull Ordinances for Bakers, Brewers, Inholders, Victuallers, Vintners, and Butchers, and Also Other Assizes in Weights and Measures, new edn (London: W. Stansby, 1632)

Quarles, Francis, Divine Fancies: Digested into Epigrammes, Meditations, &observations (London: J. Marriot, 1632)

Reynolds, Edward, Three Treatises of the Vanity of the Creature. The Sinfullnesse of Sinne. The Life of Christ: Being the Substance of Several Sermons Preached at Lincolns Inne, 2nd edn (London: R. Bostocke, 1632)

Reynolds, John Stuckey, Perfect Directions for All English Gold, Now Currant in This Kingdome: As Well for the Payer as Receiuer, … (London: B. Fisher, 1632)

Rogers, Nehemiah, The True Convert, or, An Exposition Vpon the XV. Chapter of St. Lukes Gospell, Containing Three Parables. The Lost Sheepe. The Lost Groat. The Lost Sonne (London: E. Brewster, 1632)

Smith, John, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles (London: E. Blackmore, 1632)

Speed, John, The Historie of Great Britaine Vnder the Conquests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans, 3rd edn (London: G. Humble, 1632)

Tomkis, Thomas, Lingua, or, The Combate of the Tongue, and the Fiue Sencesfor Superioritie: A Pleasant Comoedie (London: S. Waterson, 1632)

Velleius Paterculus, Velleius Paterculus His Romane Historie:: In Two Bookes, trans. by Robert Le Grys (London: R. Swaine, 1632)

Virgil, The XII Aeneids of Virgil, the Most Renowned Laureat-Prince of Latine-Poets,  trans. by John Vicars ([Cambridge: Printed by T. Buck; sold by N. Alsop, London, 1632)


A Catalogue of the Damages for Which the English Demand Reparation from the United-Netherlands (London: H. Brome, 1664)

The Cry of the Innocent & Oppressed for Justice: Or, A Brief Relation of the Late Proceedings against the Prisoners Called Quakers in London,: And the Manner of Their Tryal at the Sessions Holden at Hicks’s Hall and Old-Bailey on the 14th, 15th and 17th Day of October 1664 (London: s.n., 1664)

Charpentier, François, A Treatise Touching the East-Indian Trade, or, A Discourse (Turned out of French into English) Concerning the Establishment of a French Company for the Commerce of the East Indies (London: H. Brome, 1664)

England and Wales, By the King. A Proclamation against the Deceitful Windingand Folding of Woolls (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for Appointing Commissioners for Granting of Licenses and Dispensations for Retailing of Wines (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for Discovery and Apprehension of Several Traiterous Conspirators Herein Named (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1664)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for Prizing of Wines (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for Recalling and Prohibitingsea-Men from the Services of Forreign Princes and States (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1664)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for Restraint of Killing, Dressing, and Eating of Flesh in Lent, or on Fish-Days Appointed by the Law to Be Observed (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663)

———, By the King. A Proclamation for the Prohibiting the Importation of Glass-Plates (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1664)

———, By the King. A Proclamation Prohibiting the Exportation of Saltpeter (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663)

———, By By the King. A Proclamation Requiring All Officers or Souldiers That Served in the Armies of Any the Late Usurped Powers, and Have Been Disbanded, Cashiered, or Turned Out, to Depart the Cities of London and Westminsterbefore the Twentieth Day of This Instant November (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1664)

———, By the King. A Proclamation Requiring All Officers or Souldiers That Served in the Armies of Any the Late Usurped Powers, and Have Been Disbanded, Cashiered, or Turned Out, to Depart the Cities of London and Westminster before the Last Day of This Instant March (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1663/4 [i.e. 1664])

By the King. A Proclamation Requiring All Officers or Souldiers y the King. A Proclamation Touching Mariners, Sea-Men, and Souldiers Which Are to Serve in His Majesties Navy (London: J. Bill and C. Barker, 1664)

Markham, Gervase, Cheap and Good Husbandry: For the Well-Ordering of All Beasts and Fowls, and for the General Cure of Their Disease, 11th edn (London: G.Sawbridge, 1664)

More, Henry, A Modest Enquiry into the Mystery of Iniquity. The First Part, Containing a Careful and Impartial Delineation of the True Idea of Antichristianism in the Real and Genuine Members Thereof, such as Are Indeed Opposite to the Indispensable Purposes of the Gospel of Christ, and to The Interest of His Kingdome (London: J. Flesher for W. Morden, Cambridge, 1664)

R. F, Poor Man Manuducted, and Free-Will Manacled ([London? s.n.], 1664)

A Relation of the Tryal and Examination, of Collonel James Turner, John Turner, William Turner, Mary Turner, and Ely Turner, for Felony, and Burglary, Committed at the House of Mr. Francis Tryan [Sic], of London, Merchant, January 7. 1663. (London: H. M, 1663 [i.e. 1664])

The Speech and Deportment of Col. Iames Turner at His Execution in Leaden-Hall-Street January 21. 1663.: Who Was Condemned for Felony and Burglary, in Breaking up the House and Robbing of Mr. Francis Tryon Merchant, Living in Limestreet, London (London: N. Brook and H. Marsh, 1663 [i.e. 1664])

Seppens, Robert, Rex Theologus: The Preachers Guard and Guide in the Didactical Part of His Duty (London: R. Royston, 1664)

A True and Impartial Account of the Arraignment, Tryal, Examination, Confession and Condemnation of Col. Iames Turner: For Breaking Open the House of Francis Tryon Merchant in Limestreet London. (London: N. Brook and H. Marsh, 1663 [i.e. 1664])

United Provinces of the Netherlands, A Memorial Delivered to His Majesty, July 21/31, 1664, from the Lord Van-Gogh, Ambassador from the States Generalof the United Provinces (London: R. Royston, 1664)

W. W, An History of the Transactions Betwixt the Crown of England and the States of the Netherlands: Since They First Began to Be a Republique, to This Day (London: E. Thomas, 1664)


Aglionby, William, Painting Illustrated in Three Diallogues (London: the author, 1685)

Arnauld, Antoine, Logic, or, The Art of Thinking (London: H. Sanbridge, 1685)

Bacon, Francis, Sylva Sylvarum, or, A Natural History, in Ten Centuries, 11th edn (London: B. Griffin, 1685)

Banks, John, The Unhappy Favourite: Or the Earl of Essex.: A Tragedy (London: Printed R. Bentley and M. Magnes, 1685)

Barbon, Nicholas, An Apology for the Builder, or, A Discourse Shewing the Cause and Effects of the Increase of Building (London: C. Pullen, 1685)

Barrow, Isaac, Of Contentment, Patience and Resignation to the Will of God: Several Sermons (London: B. Aylmer, 1685)

Barwick, John, ‘Querela Cantabrigiensis: Or, A Remonstrance by Way of Apologie, for the Banished Members of the Late flourishingUniversity of Cambridge’, issued as part of Mercurius Rusticus: Or, The Countries Complaint of the Barbarous Outrages Committed by the Sectaries of This Late flourishing Kingdome, 1685

Bate, George, Elenchus Motuum Nuperorum in Anglia: Or, A Short Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Late Troubles in England, trans. by Archibald Lovell (London: A. Swalle, 1685)

Baxter, Richard, A Paraphrase on the New Testament: With Notes, Doctrinal and Practical (London: B. Simmons, 1685)

Behn, Aphra (ed), Miscellany, Being a Collection of Poems (London: J. Hindmarsh, 1685)

 Blagrave, Joseph, New Additions to the Art of Husbandry (London: B. Billingsley, 1685)

Blagrave, Joseph, The Epitomie of the Art of Husbandry (London: B. Billingsley, 1685)

Blome, Richard, The Art of Heraldry (London: H. Sawbridge, 1685)

Boyle, Robert, Of the High Veneration Man’s Intellect Owes to God: Peculiarly for His Vvisedom and Power (London: printed by M.F. for R. Davis, Oxford, 1685)

Brady, Robert, A Complete History of England: From the First Entrance of the Romans under the Conduct of Julius Caesar, unto the End of the Reign of King Henry III (London: S. Lowndes, 1685)

Brown, Edward, A Brief Account of Some Travels in Divers Parts of Europe: Viz. Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli, through a Great Part of Germany and the Low-Countries ..., 2nd edn. (London: B. Tooke, 1685)

Burnet, Gilbert, The Life of William Bedell, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland (London: J. Southby, 1685)

Callis, Robert, The Reading of the Famous and Learned Robert Callis, Esq; upon the Statute of 23 H. 8. Cap. 5. of Sewers, 2nd edn (London: T. Basset, 1685)

Carter, W., A Summary of Certain Papers about Wooll: As the Interest of England Is Concerned in It (London: the author, 1685)

Cave, William, A Sermon Preached before the King at White-Hall, on Sunday,January 18th. 1684/5 (London: R. Chiswell, 1685)

Chamberlayne, Edward, Englands Wants, or, Several Proposals Probably Beneficial for England: Humbly Offered to the Consideration of All Good Patriots in Both Houses of Parliament, 2nd edn (London: R. Taylor, 1685)

Tillison, John, A Brief Declaration of the State of the Accompt of All Monies Received and Paid, as Well for and towards the Reparation of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London. ([London: s.n., 1685])

Clarke, George, A Treatise of Wool, and the Manufacture of It (London: W. Crooke, 1685)

Cocker, Edward, Cocker’s Decimal Arithmetick (London: T. Passinger and T. Sawbridge, 1685)

Cocker, Edward, Cocker’s Arithmetick: Being a Plain and Familiar Method Suitable to the Meanest Capacity for the Full Understanding of That Incomparable Art, as It Is Now Taught by the Ablest School-Masters in the City and Country, With many additions throughout the whole (London: T. Passinger, 1685)

Cocker, Edward, Cocker’s Decimal Arithmetick (London: T. Passinger and T. Lacy, 1685)

A Collection of Cases and Other Discourses Lately Written to Recover Dissenters to the Communion of the Church of England (London: T. Basset and B. Tooke, 1685)

 Comber, Thomas, An Historical Vindication of the Divine Right of Tithes (London: R. Clavell, 1685)

Comber, Thomas, An Historical Vindication of the Divine Right of Tithes, 2nd edn (London: R. Clavell, 1685)

Comenius, Johann Amos, Joh. Amos Comenii Orbis Sensualium Pictus: Hoc Est, Omnium Fundamentalium in Mundo Rerum, & in Vitâ Actionum Pictura & Nomenclatura. = Joh. Amos Comenius’s Visible World, or, A Picture and Nomenclature of All the Chief Things That Are in the World and of Mens Employments Therein (London: C. Mearne, 1685)

Craig, John, Methodus Figurarum Lineis Rectis & Curvis Comprehensarum Quadraturas Determinandi (London: M. Pitt, 1685)

Curtois, John, A Discourse Shewing That Kings Have Their Being and Authority from God … (London: J. Hindmarsh, 1685)

Dangerfield, Thomas, Dangerfield’s Memoires: Digested into Adventures, Receits, and Expences (London: C. Brome, 1685)

Daniel, Samuel, The Collection of the History of England, 5th edn (London: B. Tooke and T. Sawbridge, 1685)

Degge, Simon, The Parson’s Counsellor: With the Law of Tythes or Tything, 4th edn (London: H. Twyford, 1685)

Dugdale, William, A Perfect Copy of All Summons of the Nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of This Realm, from the XLIX. of King Henry the IIId. until These Present Times (London: R. Clavell, 1685)

England and Wales, An Act for Reviving an Act for Providing of Carriages by Land and by Water for the Use of His Majesties Navy and Ordnance ([London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, An Act to Settle the Trade to Africa (London, 1685)

———, Anno Regni Annæ Reginæ Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ,septimo. At the Parliament Summoned ... the Eighth Day of July, Anno Dom. 1708. ... And ... Begun and Holden on the Sixteenth Day of November, 1708. Being the First Session of This Present Parliament (London: H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, Anno Regni Annæ Reginæ ... Sexto.: An Act for the Publick Registring of All Deeds, Conveyances, Wills, and Other Encumbrances ... within the East-Riding of the County of York (London: H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, Anno Regni Jacobi II. Regis Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ, Primo. At the Parliament Begun at Westminster the Nineteenth Day of May, Anno Dom. 1685 ([London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, Reasons Humbly Offered by the Inhabitants of the City and Liberty of Westminster, and of Other Places within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, to the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses in This Present Parliament Assembled: Against the Passing of a Bill, Entitled An Act for the Enabling of Protestant-Strangers to Exercise Their Trades in the Places in the Said Act Mentioned ([London: s.n, 1685)

———, Several Treaties of Peace and Commerce Concluded between the Late King of Blessed Memory, Deceased, and Other Princes and States (London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, At the Court at Whitehall This Sixth Day of November, 1685: Present, the King’s Most Excellent Majesty. ... For the Preventing Tumultuous Disorders Which May Happen Hereafter upon Pretense of Assembling to Make Bonfires Andfire-Works (London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, By the King, a Proclamation for Restraining All His Majesties Subjects, but the Members and Agents of the East-India Company, to Trade in the East-Indies, and Recalling such as Are There (London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

———, By the King, a Proclamation. James R.: Whereas the Commissioners of the Treasury of the Late King ... Did Contract, Conclude, and Agree (London: Printed by the assigns of John Bill, deceas’d: and by Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, 1684)

———, By the King, a Proclamation Signifying His Majesties Pleasure, That All Men Being in Office of Government at the Decease of the Late King, ... Shall so Continue, till His Majesties Further Direction (London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1684)

———, By the King, a Proclamation to Prohibit His Majesties Subjects to Trade within the Limits Assigned to the Royal African Company of England, except Those of the Company (London: Assigns of John Bill, H. Hills, and T. Newcomb, 1685)

Exquemelin, A. O., Bucaniers of America, or, A True Account of the Most Remarkable Assaults Committed of Late Years upon the Coasts of the West-Indies by the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, Both English and French (London: W. Crooke, 1684)

Falconer, John, Cryptomenysis Patefacta, or The Art of Secret Information Disclosed without a Key (London: D. Brown, 1685)

 Filmer, Robert, Patriarcha, or, The Natural Power of Kings, 2nd edn (London: R. Chiswell et al., 1685)

Fire Office (London, England), ed., A Table of the Insurance Office at the Back-Side of the Royal-Exchange (London: Printed by T. Milbourn, for the Insurance Office, 1685)

Fowler, Edward, A Sermon Preached at the General Meeting of Gloucestershire-Men; for the Most Part Inhabitants of the City of London: In the Church of St. Mary Le-Bow, December the 9th. 1684 (London: printed B. Aylmer, 1685)

Frances, Robert, The Dying Speech of Robert Frances of Grays-Inn, Esq; July 24. 1685 ([London: G. Croom, 1685)

Godwyn, Morgan, Trade Preferr’d before Religion, and Christ Made to Give Place to Mammon: Represented in a Sermon Relating to The Plantations, First Preached at Westminster-Abby and Afterwards in Divers Churches in London (London: B. Took and I. Cleave, 1685)

H. S, An Answer to A Letter to a Gentleman in the Countrey Giving an Account of the Two Insurance-Offices, the Fire-Office & Friendly-Society (London: W. Horton, 1685)

Haslewood, Joseph, The Noble Birth and Gallant Atchievements of That Remarkable Outlaw Robin Hood (London: J. Deacon, 1685)

Hayne, Samuel, An Abstract of All the Statutes Made Concerning Aliens Trading in England from the First Year of K. Henry the VII (London: the author, 1685)

Lucas, Richard, An Enquiry after Happiness. Vol. I (London: G. Pawlett and S. Smith, 1685)

Lucian, Lucian’s Works Translated from the Greek, trans. by Ferrand Spence (London: T.M., 1685)

Minerva: The High-Dutch Grammar, Teaching the English-Man Perfectly, Easily and Exactly the Neatest Dialect of the High-German Language (London: W. Cooper, 1685)

The Mischief of Cabals, or, The Faction Expos’d: With Some Considerations for a Lasting Settlement, in a Letter to a Member of Parliament (London: R. Taylor, 1685)

 Monmouth, James Scott, An Account of the Manner of Taking the Late Duke of Monmouth, &c.: By His Majesties Command ([London: S. Keble, 1685)

More, Thomas, Utopia (London: R. Chiswell, 1685)

Nalson, John, The Present Interest of England, or, A Confutation of the Whiggish Conspirators Anti-Monyan Principle, 2nd edn (London: T. Dring, 1685)

Ogilby, John, The Kings Coronation: Being an Exact Account of the Cavalcade … (London: B. Griffin, 1685)

Partridge, John, Mr. Partridges Case, Together with a True Account of the Nevv Work in Old-Street ([London: s.n, 1685)

Patrick, Simon, Search the Scriptures: A Treatise Shewing That All Christians Ought to Read the Holy Books, with Directions to Them Therein: In Three Parts (London: R. Royston, 1685)

Platina, F., The Lives of the Popes: From the Time of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, to the Reign of Sixtus IV, trans. and ed. by Paul Rycaut (London: C. Wilkinson, 1685)

R. B, The History of the Kingdoms of Scotland & Ireland …. Illustrated with above Thirty Pictures (London: N. Crouch, 1685)

Rastell, John, Les Termes de La Ley; Or, Certain Difficult and Obscure Words and Terms of the Common Laws and Statutes of This Realm Now in Use, Expounded and Explained, new edn, (London: G. Walbanke et al., 1685)

The Rebels Doom, or, An Historical Account of the Most Remarkable Rebellions: From Edward the Confessor’s Reign to this Present Wicked Rebellion of J. D. of Monmouth: With the Deserved Punishments That Have Constantly Attended Such Horrid Practices (London: R.Taylor, 1685)

 Reynell, Carew, A Necessary Companion, or, The English Interest Discovered and Promoted (London: W. Budden, 1685)

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