Shakespeare in London: a Wikipedia workshop

Ever wondered how information gets on Wikipedia and, more importantly, how they make sure it's correct? Well wiki-editors do! Come and join Wikipedia and Senate House Library and learn how to be a wiki editor. In this session we will be looking at William Shakespeare in London, so be ready to get your history hats on!

This Wikipedia edit-a-thon allows those taking part to create and enhance Wikipedia articles related to William Shakespeare and the places that appear in his plays, and that were important in his life. Training on editing Wikipedia will be provided on the day, with additional training available on using Victoria County History (VCH) and British History Online (BHO) materials to research places.

The event will focus on editing Wikipedia pages about places that appear in the works of William Shakespeare.

How do I prepare?

Refreshments will be provided.

For more information and a copy of the agenda for the day please follow the booking link above.

Event details

  • 7 May 2016 10:30
  • Wikipedia and Senate House Librarians
  • Seng Tee Lee Room, Senate House Library
  • Senate House Library Event