Shakespeare Season opening keynote lecture: Shakespeare 1616-2116

This lecture explores four centuries of Shakespearean scholarship, textual metamorphosis and commemoration whilst looking ahead to what the next century has in store.
15 April 2016
Sir Jonathan Bate CBE FBA FRSL Provost, Worcester College Oxford

Speak What We Feel - Performances

You know that feeling when you just have to tell the truth or you will burst? Come on a journey to discover five characters who tell it like it is.
23 April 2016
Talawa Theatre Company

Speak What We Feel - Workshop

What would you say if you could say anything at all?   Join Talawa for a writing workshop and create your own response pieces.
23 April 2016
Talawa Theatre Company

Shakespeare in London: a Wikipedia workshop

Want to learn how to be a wiki editor and love Shakespeare? If you do, then this edit-a-thon is for you!
7 May 2016
Wikipedia and Senate House Librarians

Editing Shakespeare

This talk, from Professor Sonia Massai, considers how Shakespeare’s text has evolved over the last 400 years.
10 May 2016
Professor Sonia Massai

Shakespeare’s Common Prayers

Daniel Swift, Senior Lecturer in English at the New College of the Humanities, will explore how Shakespeare adapted, stole, and metamorphosed The Book of Common Prayer 
11 May 2016
Daniel Swift

Shakespeare and the Mind

What happens in your mind when you read or see Shakespeare performed? This seminar will explore this, and other pertinent questions, through recent research from The Human Mind Project.

18 May 2016
Dr Miranda Anderson and Professor Paul Matthews

Researching, revering and selling Shakespeare

Dr Richard Espley talks about Senate House Library's vast and growing breadth of its holdings on Shakespeare, and draws on the very public debate over the Library’s proposed sale of a set of Shakespeare folios in 2013
25 May 2016
Dr Richard Espley

Othello: The Curator's Room

Curators of the Shakespeare: Metamorphosis exhibition discuss rare texts in the intimate setting of the original room 101, and examine the initial sources for the play Othello.
6 June 2016
Dr Karen Attar and Dr Richard Espley

Shakespeare in French - Study Day

Join us in Senate House Library to explore Shakespeare from a French perspective.
8 June 2016
Mutiple guest speakers

Macbeth on the Victorian stage

Professor Emerita, Sandra Clark, will consider the range and variety of the productions of Macbeth and the innovations some performers introduced.
16 June 2016
Sandra Clark

Shakespeare’s First Folio: the biography of a book

Professor Emma Smith traces some of the changing values that the First Folio has attracted over time, and attempts to weave the Senate House Library copies into the story of Shakespeare's work.
20 June 2016
Professor Emma Smith

Symposium: Shakespeare's Text Down The Ages

Ever since Nicholas Rowe produced the first modern edition in 1709 there has been a continuous debate about Shakespeare’s text. In this symposium we will be addressing this issue with a series of studies covering the time span from then till now.
21 June 2016
Professor Sir Brian Vickers and guest speakers.

Exploring the Sonnets

Actors Edward Fox, Joanna David and Dominic West join Professor Sir Brian Vickers for an intimate and unique evening of study and performance of Shakespeare's sonnets.

23 June 2016
Professor Sir Brian Vickers plus special guests.

Metamorphosis of ‘New Place’

 Dr Paul Edmondson argues it is now high time for a metamorphosis in Shakespearian biography, as well as for New Place itself, which is being newly presented for the 2016 anniversary year.
28 June 2016
Dr Paul Edmondson

Shakespeare goes to Cambridge

David McKitterick Vice Master of Trinity College Cambridge will take the tale of Shakespeare in Cambridge down to our own times, including recent gifts to Trinity College.
12 July 2016
David McKitterick

Shakespeare Burlesqued

Professor Michael Slater will be exploring the work of some of the most prominent practitioners of the burlesque genre and considering the reasons for their success.
14 July 2016
Professor Michael Slater

Dickens and Shakespeare

Professor Michael Slater explores some Shakespearian references and allusions in Dickens own work
11 August 2016
Professor Michael Slater.

Reinterpreting Shakespeare’s will

Amanda Bevan of The National Archives takes a fresh look at Shakespeare's original, signed will, and casts new light on the way he conducted himself in a number of different roles.
18 August 2016
Amanda Bevan

The Paradox of Shakespeare’s London

Come and explore this strange and fascinating place and hear the voices of tourists and travellers who were amazed, baffled and delighted by London, which was the centre of Shakespeare's world.
7 September 2016
David Thomas

Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare in Chinese Cultural Context

This lecture considers the parallels between Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare, exploring why Tang's reputation in China diminished while Shakespeare became a household name. The event will also include a short performance and a drinks reception.
27 September 2016
Pei-kai Cheng